buy flame retardant additive

buy flame retardant additive


Anti-fire and anti-smoke materials

Combustion of polymer compounds and its irreparable damage is an important issue that must be considered during the use and safety of these materials. The smoke resulting from the combustion of polymers in public places such as hotels, cinemas, museums, airplanes, etc., and its level of danger, has made it important to protect human life and reduce the vulnerability of precious and valuable equipment.
The first goal against the destructive phenomenon of fire is to use special materials to prevent or spread it. By using some fire retardant materials, it is possible to prevent fire or its spread in the field of polymers. These materials have elements such as: bromine, chlorine, antimony, phosphorus, boron, nitrogen or water of hydration, which create inhibition factors with different mechanisms.
One of the polymers widely used in the manufacture of chairs, flooring and wall paper is PVC. Products made of this material may be a huge part of the equipment of a closed hall, such as a cinema or theater. Therefore, preventing fire and smoke caused by its combustion is very important.


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