buy calcium carbonate compound

buy calcium carbonate compound


Calcium carbonate is one of the most widely used materials in the plastic and polymer industry. Knowing the price of buying and selling calcium carbonate compounds is very important for consumers and buyers of this product. Calcium carbonate masterbatch (CaCO3) is a common chemical compound consisting of three basic elements, namely calcium, carbon, and oxygen. This compound is found in nature as limestone or white lime. Due to its useful properties, cost-effectiveness, and availability, it is usually used as a filler in plastic. Calcium carbonate compounds can be extracted from different sources and with different methods.

What are fillers?

Fillers (calcium carbonate compound) are particles that are added to the polymer, they can improve certain properties or make the product cheaper, and they can also be a combination of these two properties, fillers can affect tensile strength, toughness, heat resistance, color, clarity. And… have an impact.
Most of the fillers used in plastic are mineral or glass-based.

The calcium carbonate compound or calcium carbonate masterbatch is a filler. They produce calcium carbonate filler masterbatches under the CALCIT brand, in various grades with different percentages of calcium carbonate in different resin bases. Calcium carbonate used in masterbatch has a special structure. Calcium carbonate compound improves some features such as increasing the stretch coefficient and strength in the final product, improving sewability in polyethylene films, and increasing final hardness and elastic modulus in the product.

Advantages of using fillers:

1) Reducing the price of the final product
2) improving heat resistance and dimensional stability
3) Increasing the hardness of manufactured products
4) Improving the properties of weldability and stitching in the film
5) Improve printability
6) Anti-blocking properties and preventing nylon edges from sticking
7) Reducing the need to use white masterbatch
8) Increase production output


The extent of fillers consumption includes all polymer industries, but film and packaging industries, sack weaving, and HIPS sheets production industries have the highest share of fillers consumption.

calcium carbonate compound

Kaysa polymer carbonate masterbatch

Sales of calcium carbonate compound due to its high percentage of consumption in some industries (nylon and table cloth up to 90%) and the benefits that are expected by the industries that consume it, as well as the fluctuation of the quality of mineral raw materials in Iran, require high precision for its production. By producing 4 grades (C1, C2, C3, C4) and controlling the quality parameters, Kaisa Polymer has been able to provide a product approved by all plastic industries to its dear customers.

C1: Very flexible LLD base used with a high percentage in all industries
C2: Flexible LLD base for nylon and nylex production
C3: used in sack weaving, blow molding parts
C4: HD base used in injection products, granule compounds, and extrusion products

To buy and sell polymer compounds, contact the sales office at +982122500033.

Factors affecting the sale and price of calcium carbonate masterbatch

Several factors affect the sale and price of calcium carbonate masterbatch, which are generally divided into two categories:

1. Factors related to raw materials:

Quality and type of calcium carbonate: The higher the quality of calcium carbonate used in masterbatch production, the higher its price. Also, the kind of calcium carbonate (such as crystalline, micronized, etc.) affects the final price of the product.
Price of raw materials: Fluctuations in raw materials, such as calcium carbonate, resin, and additives, directly affect the masterbatch price.
Exchange rate: Since a significant part of the raw materials required for masterbatch production is imported from abroad, the exchange rate significantly impacts the final price of the product.

2. Factors related to production and market:

Masterbatch quality: Masterbatch quality includes factors such as filler percentage, particle distribution, dispersion, etc. The higher the quality of the masterbatch, the higher the price.
Brand and brand name: Reputable and well-known brands in the market usually offer higher prices for their masterbatch.
Order volume: Bulk buyers usually get more discounts and the final price will be lower for them.
Market conditions: supply and demand in the market, season, etc. also affect the price of masterbatch. For example, in high consumption seasons, the price of masterbatch usually increases.
Type of application: Calcium carbonate masterbatches are produced in different grades according to their application (such as film, pipe, plastic parts, etc.) and the price of each grade is different according to its features and application.
After-sales services: Some companies offer after-sales services such as consulting, training, etc. to their customers, which can affect the final price of the product.



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