Sale masterbatch

Important criteria when selling & buying masterbatch

When buying masterbatch, some of the most important criteria to consider are:
Quality and Consistency
Masterbatch must be of high quality to ensure consistent color, performance, and properties in the final plastic product.

Look for reputable manufacturers with stringent quality control processes.
Color Accuracy and Consistency
The masterbatch should be able to accurately reproduce the desired color shade and maintain color consistency across production batches.

Manufacturers should have a database of color formulations and provide samples.

Heat Resistance and Temperature Stability

Masterbatch pigments and additives must withstand high processing temperatures without degradation or color shift.

Specify the maximum temperature requirements for your application.

Lightfastness and Weather Resistance

For outdoor applications, the masterbatch should contain pigments with high lightfastness ratings and resistance to UV radiation and weathering effects.

This ensures color longevity and product durability.

Migration Resistance

To prevent color migration or transfer between layers, choose masterbatches specifically designed for your polymer type and processing conditions.

Compatibility with Base Polymer

The masterbatch carrier resin must be compatible with the base polymer used in your application for proper dispersion and performance.

Dosing Accuracy and Dispersion

Masterbatches should allow for accurate dosing and uniform dispersion of additives throughout the plastic matrix, even at low addition rates.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the masterbatch complies with relevant regulations and standards for your industry and product applications, especially for food contact or medical uses.
By considering these important criteria, you can select the right masterbatch supplier and formulation to meet your specific product requirements for color, performance, and longevity.

What is masterbatch

What is masterbatch? Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and/or additives blended and extruded together in a carrier resin or polymer matrix.

It is used to add color or impart other properties to plastic products during manufacturing.
Masterbatch serves two main purposes:
Coloring plastics (color masterbatch): Color masterbatches contain pigments or dyes dispersed in a carrier resin, allowing for the coloring of plastic products.

The carrier resin is compatible with the main plastic being processed.
Imparting other properties (additive masterbatch): Additive masterbatches contain functional additives like UV stabilizers, flame retardants, antioxidants, etc. dispersed in a carrier resin.

These enhance specific properties of the final plastic product.

the wholesale price of masterbatch

Here are some factors that can affect the wholesale price of masterbatch:

Resin type:

The resin used in the masterbatch will be a major cost factor. Resins such as polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are typically less expensive than engineering resins such as nylon, ABS, or PC.

Colorant type and loading level:

The type and amount of colorant used in the masterbatch will significantly impact the price. Organic pigments are generally more expensive than inorganic pigments. The amount of colorant needed to achieve the desired color will also affect the cost, with higher loading levels costing more.

Additive type and loading level:

Similar to colorants, the type and quantity of additives included in the masterbatch will influence the price. Antioxidants, UV stabilizers, flame retardants, and other additives can vary greatly in cost.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ):

Some suppliers may have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for masterbatches. This can affect the price per unit, as smaller amounts may be more expensive.
Lead time: The lead time for masterbatch can vary depending on the supplier and the type of masterbatch. Shorter lead times may come at a premium cost.

 Demand and supply for sale masterbatch:

Market forces of supply and demand can also affect the price of masterbatch. If there is a high demand for a particular type of masterbatch and a limited supply, the price will likely be higher.

Manufacturer and brand reputation:

Masterbatches from well-known and reputable manufacturers may command a higher price due to perceived higher quality and consistency. Kaysa Polymer Company, a producer of masterbatch and polymer compounds, offers you the best price and quality. To know the price, contact the company number +982122500033 or WhatsApp number +989034719105.
Custom vs. standard formulations: Custom masterbatches formulated to meet specific customer requirements will typically be more expensive than standard off-the-shelf products.
Here are some additional points to consider:

Wholesale prices are typically negotiated between the buyer and seller and may be influenced by factors such as the size of the order, the customer’s creditworthiness, and the supplier’s current production capacity.
It is important to get quotes from several suppliers before purchasing to compare prices and ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Where to buy bulk Masterbatch?

You can buy bulk masterbatch from a few different places:

Online Marketplaces: You can find online marketplaces that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. You can find a wide variety of masterbatch suppliers on Internet, including many that sell in bulk quantities.

Plastic distributors: Many plastics distributors sell masterbatch, including both small and bulk quantities. You can find plastics distributors in your area by searching online or in industry directories.

Masterbatch manufacturers: Some masterbatch manufacturers also sell directly to customers. You can find a list of masterbatch manufacturers on industry websites or by searching online.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying bulk masterbatch:

Minimum order quantity: Many suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for bulk purchases. Be sure to check the MOQ before placing an order.

Shipping costs: Shipping costs can be significant for bulk purchases. Be sure to factor in the shipping costs when comparing prices from different suppliers.

Payment terms: Some suppliers may require payment in advance for bulk purchases. Be sure to understand the payment terms before placing an order.

Quality: It is important to buy masterbatch from a reputable supplier that offers high-quality products. Be sure to ask the supplier about the quality of their masterbatch and to request a sample if possible.