Polymer Labs

Kaysa Polymer Company can present the data sheet of its manufactured products by having a well-equipped polymer laboratory. Our laboratory was founded on 3 principles quality control, new color studies, and research and development. This unit is considered one of the most important parts of production because it must be active 24 hours a day to ensure the quality of the materials entering the factory and the manufactured product.

The activity process of Kaisa Polymer Laboratory is carried out in 3 stages:

Testing and evaluation of raw materials before entering the production cycle
Laboratory production of paint and coating samples and approval of the manufacturing order
Examination and testing of a random sample of the manufactured product.

آزمایشگاه پلیمر

Kaisa Polymer Company with laboratory devices such as

Double screw laboratory extruder
Laboratory injection device
Laboratory nylon device
MFI device
Hygrometer and…

It tries to provide its products to its valued customers following customer needs and maintaining quality stability.